The web pages shown here were constructed in 1993 and have barely been altered since.
Except from the addition of this header, these pages have been unaltered since November 1995, making them some of the oldest Scandinavian web pages still in existence.
These pages are museum artifacts and should not be considered a characterization of the Jarre Society today.

Joachim Jarre Says:


The Exclusive Jarre Logo developed by Nils A. Thommesen d.y and William Klippgen

Warning: the JARRE pages has not been very well updated!

Assembled by William Klippgen ( & Nils Andreas Thommesen (

First version sometimes in november 1993.
Version 6.0: January 1, 1995
Version 6.1: November 13, 1995 - What has changed: most pictures are JPG to save disk space!

This node is not commercial, highly experimental and under continuous evolution