The web pages shown here were constructed in 1993 and have barely been altered since.
Except from the addition of this header, these pages have been unaltered since November 1995, making them some of the oldest Scandinavian web pages still in existence.
These pages are museum artifacts and should not be considered a characterization of the Jarre Society today.

This is Joachim Jarre:

Standing Jarre is given the Trophee at Oppdal, autumn of 1993 after overwhelmingly winning the Jarressic Games. (Taken from a Video Hi8 live recording by W.K)

The Joachim Jarre WWW node is here for all people interested in the highly secret Joachim Jarre Society, founded in the small Norwegian village of Oppdal in september, 1993. The society is interested in new members, although several conditions must be met, e.g. having started university studies at the Norwegian Institute of Technology in 1989 in the computer engineering course as well as having been to the Klippgen-cottage at least twice in the years 1989 - 1993.

For more information, please contact the so-called "Standing Jarre" or "Staaende Jarre", for more information.